An Apology and Hiatus Notice


Those few of you who’ve been following my blog regularly, have probably noticed the lack of posts over the past two weeks. I’ve had a lot less time during the day to write. Also, the laptop I got from my friend is too slow to run google docs, and the operating system doesn’t accept any writing applications.

In addition to this, my sister’s room is currently full of mould, so she’s sleeping in the room that houses the family computer. Might take a while for this problem to be solved.

Because of these reasons, Plane of Magic is going on hiatus until further notice.

I might be able to write a couple articles here and there, but nothing consistent. However, during this time away, I’ll be theory crafting, and I might be able to get a couple people to playtest future content. This should ensure the articles I write in the future are better quality, and more focused.

Thanks for all the support you’ve shown for my work, sorry I have to take a break so soon.

Have fun,

Jarvis Ambler


Whether you rule a galaxy spanning empire, or a single village, keeping your population intact is key to being a powerful ruler. Your people need food, clothing, warmth and shelter. To provide all these things, you need to know your resources, and how to obtain them.

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Standard Equipment

In war, it doesn’t matter how fancy your sword is, or how much you’ve shined your shield. Chances are, the man coming towards you, with their beaten up axe and weather-worn armour, is just as skilled as you are.

Standardised equipment may not look flashy, but when you’re outnumbered ten to one; you’ll regret choosing the shinier alternative.

Below I will list the various forms of easily produced weapons, armour, and shields. When you need to arm your legions, this is where you’ll go.

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Fire Magic

Magic can be used for many things. With it, you can create life, build cities, and change the world for the better. It can be refined, moulded, and shaped into anything you can imagine. There are truly no limits when you’re playing with magic.

But as you’ll learn in the following post, you can also burn it all down. Here I will teach you how to play with fire. Continue reading